Akiles Diamond 1 Corner Rounder Round Cornering Device Review

The Akiles diamond 1 is designed to backing you briskly andeasily add compass corners to all of your revered documents,promotional materials and fresh printed items.It uses a special alcove cutting die to add a scale to the cavity on a meagre mountain of documents at a instance It is absolute forrounding the corners on your paper, PVC, polyester, suede andpolypropylene items

Akiles Diamond 1 Corner Rounder Round Cornering Device Review


  • The Akiles diamond 1 is designed to support you fast andeasily add compass corners to all of your famous documents,promotional materials and other printed items It is absolute forrounding the corners on your paper, PVC, polyester, pigskin andpolypropylene items
  • It uses a special crevice cutting die to add a range to the cavity on a derisory heap of documents at a time

Strengths and Features:

  • One of the first things about the Akiles Diamond 1 cornerrounder is the cost. The Diamond one costs less than $150 including adie This is about $50 less than most other comparable alcove roundingmachines on the market. However, the most mammoth reserves with theDiamond 1 comes in the dies. Dies for the Diamond 1 only price about$20 Compare that to $70-$100 for most further crevice rounding dies andthe Akiles is a much cheaper corner rounding option
  • TheAkiles Diamond 1 allows you to orbit the corners on a mass of paper upto 0.4″ at a point This fashion that you can process a absolutely immense stackof documents in extremely brief unit of circumstance There are a few cornerrounders that can stud a seldom bit fresh paper than this but not verymany.
  • The Akiles Diamond 1 ships with the equipment that you needto use in command to correct the dies and with a convenient radiusselector tool to aid you choose the remedy radius die for your project.The instruments and the reach reference interlock conveniently in a drawer that islocated in the base of the unit You can even dovetail extra range dies inthe base of the alcove rounder
  • There are a character ofdifferent scale dies available for use with the Diamond 1 including a1/8″ scope die, a 3/8″ area die, a ” span die, a 45 degree angledie and a half moon die for thumb mark diary punching
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Weaknesses and Limitations:

  • Although there is a quite decent quotation of dies forthe Akiles Diamond 1, additional corner rounders have a collection larger selectionof dies available for them If you deprivation to loop your documents with alarger gamut or with an extremely derisory radius, you will need toselect a different cranny rounder.
  • The cutting table on theAkiles diamond 1 is actually a heap smaller than an 8.5″ x 11″ documentThis routine that you hold to nuzzle the ticket with one navvy and posses itpressed in nook while you pull the knops with your supplementary hand
  • TheAkiles Diamond 1 uses small miserable cutting pads that wear out during thecutting process. These pads want to be replaced on a average reason inorder to ensure the grade of cutting that is achieved These padsaren’t very expensive and come in packs of five It is worth having afew on hand inside the drawer of your Diamond 1.


For organizations that scarcity to circle the corners on insignificant to mediumnumbers of documents or items, the Diamond 1 is an example gloss Itis unworldly to use and offers an worthy value for your pecuniary However,organizations that want to circuit a mass of documents or that needspecial sized scope corners for their documents may privation to consider alarger recess rounding number